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Latest on the National Highway Bill
by David Raymond, President and CEO, ACEC National, Washington, DC

Friday, November 20, 2015:
Today House-Senate negotiators are hammering out final dimensions of a long-term highway bill that has eluded us since 2009. ACEC is seeking at least a five-year reauthorization with funding increases in highway and transit programs well above the current baseline. Details are to be completed next week, with votes on final passage expected shortly after the Thanksgiving break. As part of ACEC’s continuing, aggressive campaign to get this bill over the finish line, we have engaged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and mounted a full-court PR campaign that includes this full-page ad in Politico this week. --Dave

Just Released: Updated CASE Contracts
For the first time since 2009, CASE has done a complete overhaul with legal review of all 17 CASE Contracts. The CASE Contracts Committee has spent the last two years revising and updating each contract to reflect updated industry standards and practices.

Major changes include:
- Modified indemnification language
- Modified risk allocation language
- Additional commentary on AIA documents
- Expanded language regarding attorney and expert fee costs

Details regarding  specific updates for each contract are listed in their online abstracts. 

Click here to  browse the full CASE library. 

The 2015 ACEC Oregon + Washington Salary & Benefits Survey is now available. 

This is the only survey of its kind which exclusively covers consulting engineering firms in Oregon and Washington. 

Responses were received from a total of 44 Oregon firms and 63 Washington firms, combining to report on 5,439 employees. 

Benchmark salary data is included for a range of job families,grouped into eight main categories. 

For more information, including how to order, click HERE

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