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ACEC National PAC (PERSONAL contributions)

ACEC/PAC is the engineering industry's primary tool for political engagement at the national level. Supported by engineering professionals from across the country who work for member firms, the sole purpose of ACEC/PAC is to elect candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate who support policies and legislation favorable to the engineering industry. 

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ACEC Oregon, ACEC, and the ACEC/PAC protect your business! 
Supporting our members of Congress that support the engineering industry. 

ACEC Oregon participated in Congressman Greg Walden's 16th Annual High Desert Classic on August 6, 2018 at Brasada Ranch in central Oregon. 

Pictured above, Congressman Kurt Schrader and ACEC Oregon Vice President-Elect Tonya Finley, David Evans and Associates, Inc. at Schrader’s annual farm BBQ event at historic Three Rivers Farm in Canby.  Finley spoke with Cong. Schrader about topics important to ACEC member firms. ACEC Oregon Vice President Tim Blackwood, Hart Crowser Inc., also attended the event. (June 2017) 

ACEC’s “citizen lobbyists” participate in visits to Capitol Hill as part of ACEC’s Annual Convention and Legislative Summit held every April in Washington, D.C. 

Issues discussed in 2018 included: 

  • Development and passage of major infrastructure legislation. 
  • Emphasis on passing balanced legislation which incentivizes private investment and P3s (where appropriate). 
  • Regulatory reforms to streamline infrastructure delivery. 

ACEC Oregon members meet with Congressman Kurt Schrader (April 17, 2018) 

ACEC Oregon members lobbied Capitol Hill as part of Legislative Summit activities during the ACEC National Annual Convention, April 15-18, 2018, in Washington, DC. The group met with each of Oregon's members of Congress and southwest Washington's Jaime Herrera Beutler. 


Issues discussed in 2017 included: 

  • Development and passage of major infrastructure legislation.  
  • Pro-business reforms to the nation's tax code. 

ACEC Oregon members meet with Cong. Earl Blumenauer during ACEC National's annual Legislative Summit. (Washington, DC, April 2017)

ACEC Oregon members meet with Congressman Peter DeFazio

ACEC Oregon members meet with Rep. Suzanne Bonamici.


ACEC Oregon members lobby Capitol Hill. Above the group is pictured with Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

ACEC Oregon members pictured above with U.S. Senator
Ron Wyden
during ACEC National's Legislative Summit. 

More interactions with Oregon's members of Congress. 

ACEC Oregon members joined ACEC and WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff for a special luncheon with Congressman Peter DeFazio of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Pictured above from left are: ACEC Oregon Vice President Jason Tell, WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff; ACEC Oregon Executive Director Alison Davis; ACEC Oregon Regional Vice President Larry Fox, OBEC Consulting Engineers; ACEC Oregon President Karen Tatman, Quincy Engineering, Inc.; Cong. DeFazio; and Charissa Rotramel, WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff. (Oct 2016, Portland) 


Pictured above, ACEC Oregon members and guests attend a breakfast honoring Congressman Earl Blumenauer, with special guest Senator Ron Wyden. From left: Tina Adams, Casso ConsultingMark Leece, PBS Engineering + EnvironmentalPaul Heydenrych, Mott MacDonald; ACEC Oregon Vice President Tony Roos, Kittelson & AssociatesMaureen White, HDJ Design, a division of PBS Engineering + EnvironmentalCong. Blumenauer; ACEC Oregon President-Elect Mike Reed, GRIMarcela Alcantar, Alcantar & Associates; and ACEC Oregon Past President Erik Peterson, Peterson Structural Engineers. (October 2016, Portland) 

ACEC Oregon members attend Congressman Earl Blumenauer's "Rebuilding and Renew America Breakfast." (Nov. 2015) 
Pictured above from left are: ACEC Oregon Vice President Mike Meyer, Conforth Consultants, Inc.; Congressman Blumenauer; ACEC Oregon Past President Erik Peterson, Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc.; and ACEC Oregon member Matt Lewis, Cardno. About 200 people attended the Portland event. ACEC National PAC funds sponsored ACEC Oregon's table. 


Congressman Greg Walden visits with Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. (October 2014, La Grande)
Pictured above from left to right are: Brad Baird; Walden; Andy Perry, ACEC Oregon Regional Vice President (2012-2016); and Dave Wildman

"The meeting with Greg went well. He was very appreciative
of the support. He seems to understand our position on
the issues."  
--Andy Perry, Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc., 
ACEC Oregon Regional Vice President 


Pictured above: Congressman Peter DeFazio (left) and Larry Fox, OBEC Consulting Engineers (October 2014, Eugene)

Individuals working for ACEC-member firms with a current approval form on file may give up to $5,000 per calendar year to ACEC/PAC. Per federal regulations, ACEC/PAC can only accept personal checks or personal credit cards. (Also allowed are partnership and sole proprietorship.)

Supporting political programs like ACEC/PAC is the best thing we can do to make sure engineering firms have a voice at the table when key decisions are made affecting our future.

For more information on giving to PACs, here's a great article:
"Why You Should Support Your PAC"

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State Legislative Resource Center 

Tony Roos, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

I’d like to thank all of the ACEC Oregon members who have made personal contributions to ACEC/PAC. There are many critical legislative issues and challenges that our industry is facing at the national level; ACEC/PAC is educating and influencing the decision-makers involved in these important issues.

Thank you, ACEC/PAC donors! 
Thank you to the following individuals for their 2018 contribution. Donations received January 1 through December 31, 2018 (in order of receipt): 
Hans Hadley, WEST Consultants, Inc.
Michelle Dodgson, GRI
George Freitag, GRI
Gene Tupper, GRI
Tony Roos, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Marc Butorac, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Mark Leece, PBS Engineering Environmental
Randy McCourt, DKS Associates
Christopher Brehmer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Larry Fox, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Erik Peterson, Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc.
Troy Bowers, Murraysmith
Alison Davis, ACEC Oregon
Tonya Finley, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Kevin Bracy, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Cindi Polychronis, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Mike Reed, GRI
Larry Van Dyke, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Thomas Westover, Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Gregg Scholz, R & W Engineering, Inc.
Karen Tatman, Quincy Engineering, Inc.
Mike Meyer, Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Marshall Coba, CobaCo, LLC
Lindsi Hammond, GRI

Ron Vandehey, Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Matt Shanahan, GRI
Benjamin George, Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Dan Trisler, Hart Crowser, Inc.
Fred Wismer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Tina Adams, Casso Consulting, Inc.
Jason Tell, WSP USA
Keith London, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Jeff Bernardo, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Greg Landau, GeoEngineers, Inc.
Jim Kleppe, Golder Associates 
Tim Blackwood, Pali Consulting 
Stephen Eagar, Central Geotechnical Services, LLC
Lee Wagner, Stewart Sokol & Larkin, LLC
Ed Chamberland, David Evans and Associates, Inc. 
Anthony Yi, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 
Jason Kelly, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Josh Grenzsund, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Mike Meyer, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 
Erik Peterson, Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc. 
Guy Hakanson, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Mike Baker, David Evans and Associates, Inc. 
Gabe Crop, Murraysmith
Jeff Whitson, David Evans and Associates, Inc. 
Tim Oliver, Akana
Ken Stoneman, David Evans and Associates, Inc. 
Tim Blackwood, Pali Consulitng, Inc.
Steve Fox, Epic Land Solutions, Inc.
Christine Nickerson, Epic Land Solutions, Inc. 
Xiqin Long, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Craig Sheahan, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Alex Soo, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
John Howorth, 3J Consulting, Inc.
Tina Adams, Casso Consulting
Gary Rayor, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Mark Swank, Aspect Consulting, LLC
Mark Vandehey, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Diego Arguea, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 
Travis McFeron, Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc.
John Willis, Parametrix
Scott Wallace, The Wallace Group, Inc.
Mike Peebles, Otak, Inc.
Richard Roche, Parametrix, Inc.
Peter Coffey, DKS Associates
Tim Blackwood, Pali Consulting, Inc. 
Matt Shanahan, GRI
Jason Bock, GRI
Mike Reed, GRI
Darren Hippenstiel, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 
Allison Pyrch, Hart Crowser, Inc.
Jason Tell, WSP USA
Gerry Heslin, Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Brandon Nevers, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 
Krey Younger, GeoDesign, Inc. 
Dan Lautzenheiser, DJ&A, PC
Rodney Schultz, OBEC Consulting Engineers
Gavin Oien, David Evans and Associates, Inc. 
Darren Beckstrand, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 
Lindsi Hammond, GRI
Mel Sears, AECOM
Wade Osborne, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 
Karen Tatman, Quincy Engineering, Inc. 
Dan Houf, Harper Houf Peterson Righellis, Inc. 
Chris Carpenter, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 
Mike Reynolds, Reynolds Engineering, LLC
Jon Yamashita, Otak Inc. 
Brent Black, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 
Kevin Timmins, Otak, Inc.