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Promoting & Protecting Oregon's Engineering Industry

The political cycle continues, and the ACEC Oregon PAC needs your help.
ACEC Oregon PAC, our state-level political action committee, is where we pool funds to support candidates and proven legislators. It is focused exclusively on state legislative races. It helps fund candidates who have shown a level of support for our key issues and are in a crucial position to influence those issues and other major policy in Oregon. It is important that the ACEC Oregon PAC is adequately funded to assist supportive legislators and candidates.
One of the most direct ways to prepare for more success in the 2022 session is to give financial support to legislators and candidates who share our vision for Oregon. These funds are a key ingredient to our continued success by helping to keep good legislators in office. All these funds stay in Oregon and are used in legislative races.
The funds in the ACEC Oregon PAC are limited, valuable and specifically used to support the ACEC Oregon agenda in Salem. Our pledge is to follow a bi-partisan approach that allows us access and helps pave the way to success.


The board of directors has made funding the ACEC Oregon PAC a priority and is asking each member firm to contribute at least $20 per Oregon employee, with a suggested $200 minimum, to the state PAC for our legislative efforts. 

Oregon law allows unlimited corporate contributions to the state PAC.

Contribute now! Click HERE to contribute to the state PAC using your credit card. 

Or, act now and make your corporate (or personal) check for political contribution payable to the ACEC Oregon PAC and mail to the administrator:

        ACEC Oregon PAC
        c/o Financial Peace Bookkeeping
        PO Box 512
        Independence, OR 97351

Contact ACEC Oregon at (503) 292-2348 or e-mail


House Majority Leader Rep. Barbara Smith Warner, D, District 45, Portland, and Senator Mark Hass, D, District 14, Beaverton, previewed the 35-day 2020 legislative session, which begins in February, at last night's legislative preview dinner meeting (12-11-19). About 35 members attended the event.
Smith Warner remarked that “unfinished business” will be the theme of the 2020 legislative session. Other top issues are homelessness, housing and healthcare. 

Above, pictured from left, are: Senator Mark Hass, House Majority Leader Rep. Barbara Smith Warner, and ACEC Oregon lobbyist Marshall Coba. (December 2019) 

Pictured above, at a recent fundraiser for Governor Kate Brown, are, from left: ACEC Oregon Lobbyist Marshall Coba, CobaCo LLC; Governor Brown; and ACEC Oregon President Mike Meyer, Cornforth Consultants, Inc. (October 2018) 

ACEC Oregon leadership meets with Governor Kate Brown during a breakfast program at David Evans and Associates, Inc., Portland. (October 10, 2017) 

Future transportation and infrastructure funding and resiliency planning were topics of conversation when ACEC Oregon leadership met with Governor Kate Brown. The group also discussed the importance of the QBS law. Governor Brown encouraged members to introduce themselves to their legislators and to offer to be a resource for transportation issues. Pictured above, from left are: Executive Director Alison Davis, Secretary/Treasurer Mike Reed, GRI; Past-President and National Director Troy Bowers, Murray, Smith & Associates; Governor Kate Brown; President Jay Lyman, David Evans and Associates; and Past-President Erik Peterson, Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc. 
(January 28, 2016, Portland) 


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Thank you, ACEC Oregon PAC donors!
Thank you to the following firms that have contributed to the ACEC Oregon PAC. Donations received November 22, 2021 through January 11, 2022 are from: 

  • Akana
  • Casso Consulting
  • David Evans and Associates
  • DOWL
  • Harper Houf Peterson Righellis
  • Hart Crowser, a division of Haley & Aldrich
  • Kittelson & Associates
  • KPFF
  • Murraysmith
  • PBS
  • Peterson Structural Engineers
  • Quincy Engineering
  • R & W Engineering
  • Shannon & Wilson
  • Waypoint Engineering