Century West Engineering: Main Street Green Street

Executive Summary

The City of Tigard (City) was facing a problem with the deteriorated condition of SW Main Street, which was causing inconvenience to the community, visitors, and businesses. The project’s objective was to improve the other half of Tigard’s downtown corridor to match the standards set by a previous project. The previous project introduced safer bicycle and pedestrian facilities, updated street lighting and furniture, and attractive low-impact landscaped stormwater planters to one corridor section.

To solve this problem, the City chose Century West Engineering (century West) to provide engineering design for reconstructing an 800-linear-foot downtown collector from the railroad tracks north to Scoffins Street. The design package included traffic analysis, site investigations, grading and roadway design, illumination and electrical work, stormwater design, water main layout, and landscaping and irrigation design. Century West coordinated with Genesee & Wyoming Railroad, ODOT Rail, and TriMet to permit work within the rail crossing envelope, with TriMet for bus stop consolidation efforts, and local franchise utilities to inventory, pothole, and relocate their facilities before construction. The City also received assistance from Century West in stakeholder and public outreach during design and construction.

The project was completed within the anticipated budget of $3.34M, providing a safe and vibrant downtown that connects the community, visitors, and businesses.

The project improvements, intended to be pedestrian and environmentally friendly, included the following elements:

• Full pavement and sidewalk reconstruction

• Sidewalk amenities, street furniture, art pedestals, and pedestrian-scale lighting

• Upgrades to enhance the pedestrian experience and safety

• LIDA stormwater planters, street trees, and landscaping for stormwater management and the beautification of Main Street

• Replacement of existing water mains, including meter services and fire hydrants

• Consolidation of multiple existing bus stops to provide mid-block locations with greater visibility, larger shelters, in-lane impact slabs, and dedicated loading zones

• Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks and a mid-block rectangular rapid flashing beacon crosswalk connecting the new bus stop plazas

• Addition and upgrade of numerous existing curb ramps, building door landings, loading zones, etc., to meet ADA standards

• Basin analysis and upsizing/relocation of the existing undersized storm main
Firm: Century West Engineering

Client: City of Tigard

Project: Main Street Green Street

The one thing you should know: The Main Street Green Street project significantly enhanced safety measures for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, and beautification, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the first phase of the project.