American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon

USACE Liaison

ACEC Oregon/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Liaison Committee

OBJECTIVE: To provide members with the opportunity to improve working relationships with agency personnel. Each liaison committee has its own agenda, but communications and problem-solving are primary concerns.

Meetings are held quarterly on the third Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

NEXT MEETING: November 13, 2018
"Evaluating Unpermitted Encroachments in Levee Systems" 
Presented by Kevin Severson, P.E., Project Engineer at Cornforth Consultants and Colin Rowan, Levee Ready Columbia Program Director at Multnomah County Drainage District

Click here for list of firms that have AutoCad/Microstation capability

5/8/18: Levee safety, “Not Snow, Not Rain, nor Beer at Night.” - Juan Sorensen and Mahendra Shewalla, AECOM. Specifically, they talked about their efforts completing levee inspections for the USACE Levee Safety Program. 
2/13/18: The Dalles Auxiliary Water Supply Project - Pat Duyck, USACE
11/14/17:  Oroville Dam Response - Dan Osmun, HDR
8/15/17:  Mud Mountain Dam Adult Fish Collection Barrier - Kristy Fortuny and Lori Ebner, USACE
5/16/17:  Extremely Extreme, Rainfall on the West Coast - David Curtis, WEST Consultants
2/14/17:  Portland District Future Workload - Lance Helwig, USACE
10/18/16:  Port of Newport Terminal Renovation - Scott Schlecter, GRI
7/19/16:  Spirit Lake Tunnel Rehab - Jeremy Britton, USACE
4/19/16:  Fargo Moorhead Diversion Project - Mark Anderson, CH2M
1/19/16:  Steamboat Slough Levee Rehab - Jeremy Britton, USACE

ACEC Oregon + Corps of Engineers renew
partnering charter

Pictured at right, Jason McBain of the USACE Portland District signs the ACEC Oregon/ USACE Portland District Partnering Charter at their July 15 (2015) meeting.

The mission statement reads, in part, “...through this charter, commit to a meaningful partnership between our organizations in the common purpose to provide quality and responsive engineering and consulting services to the nation and the world.”
Goals and objectives of the partnering charter are:

  • Ensure a cooperative dialogue between the USACE and ACEC Oregon at all levels.
  • Clarify and understand the changing roles of USACE and the private sector.
  • Foster an attitude that explores opportunities and resolves issues.
  • Enhance professionalism and integrity throughout the design and construction industry.
  • Promote quality and value through improved business practices.
  • Invest in the future by promoting new technology, continuing education, and research and development.
  • Promote qualifications-based selection procurement of A/E services.
  • Promote the use of project delivery methods that best serve the public interest.
  • Support a healthy USACE and a strong U.S. engineering industry.
  • Collaborate to expand U.S. business opportunities in the global marketplace.

2018 CHAIR
(term begins January 1)
Chris Goodell
Kleinschmidt Associates

2017 CHAIR
Liza Wells
U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers

2016 CHAIR
Shane Cline

2015 CHAIR
Bob Hoffman
U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers

2014 CHAIR
Greg Reid
Streamline West Engineering

2013 CHAIR
Mark Sawka
U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers

2012 CHAIR
Jon Dasler
David Evans and
Associates, Inc.

Mike Meyer
Consultants, Inc.

NOTE: Chair alternates every year between USACE and ACEC Oregon. Chair's one-year term begins January 1.