Membership Criteria & Application

There are two types of membership:

  • Regular, for consulting engineering and/or land surveying firms; and
  • Affiliate, for ancillary business firms providing non-engineering services or products to a Member Firm.

Membership Eligibility (for regular member firms) 

According to ACEC Oregon Bylaws and Policies & Procedures, page 2, Article II: MEMBERSHP, A. Membership classes:
A Member Firm shall meet all of the following criteria:
(a)  A Member Firm is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. 
(b)  A Member Firm is an Engineering and/or Surveying Company with no conflict of interest. 
(c)  A Member Firm maintains one or more offices within the State of Oregon or such adjacent areas (i.e., Clark County) as the Board may approve.
(d) All engineering activities of a Member Firm are conducted by or under the supervision of Professional Engineers; and all surveying activities of a Member Firm are conducted by or under the supervision of Professional Land Surveyors.

Additionally, according to ACEC Oregon Bylaws and Policies & Procedures, page 1, item F. Professional Engineer and/or Professional Land Surveyor. A Professional Engineer and/or Professional Land Surveyor in an Engineering and/or Surveying Company meets all of these criteria:
(1) Is qualified by education, ability and experience to provide competent engineering services.
(2) Is registered as a Professional Engineer and/or Land Surveyor in the State of Oregon (or in the State of Washington, if the Engineering Company that employs them resides in Clark County, Washington). 
(3) Does not have a commercial affiliation with manufacturers, material suppliers, contractors or others who could bias his or her judgments. 

NOTE: If your firm does not meet all of the above criteria, see the affiliate membership section below.

Membership is corporate (vs. individual) and our dues structure is based on your firm's total number of full-time employees in Oregon (and/or Clark County, Washington).

For a dues quote please contact Merideth Webber,, or call ACEC Oregon at (503) 292-2348.

Affiliate Membership

Our bylaws define affiliate member firms as providing ancillary business services to consulting engineers. Affiliate membership provides excellent networking opportunities with ACEC Oregon member firms.


  • Affiliate member firms are not eligible to join either of the health trusts (PNCE Trust or ACEC Life/Health Trust), and are not eligible to join the ACEC Business Insurance Trust, Those trusts are reserved for regular member firms and are limited to a specific SIC code for consulting engineering firms.
  • HOWEVER, affiliate member firms ARE eligible to join the ACEC Retirement Trust
  • Additionally, affiliate members may not serve on the board of directors.
  • And, affiliate members are welcome to serve on committees.

Dues for affiliate member firms are $664 a year, and may be paid quarterly. Dues are prorated depending on the quarter in which your firm joins. Our fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30. Once your firm is a member, everyone employed by your firm (in Oregon and/or Clark County, WA) is considered a member.  

Special Membership Dues Incentive Program (for regular member firms only):
Dues are based on a firm’s total number of full-time employees within the state of Oregon, and Clark County, Washington.

New member firms receive the special membership dues incentive which means the firm would pay 66% dues the first year and full dues the second and subsequent years. This gives your firm a chance to make sure ACEC is serving your firm’s business needs before paying the full amount.

Dues also include membership in the national organization, the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Washington, D.C.

(fillable PDFs)

Regular Membership Application

Affiliate Membership Application

E-mail completed applications to, or mail to: ACEC Oregon, 5319 SW Westgate Drive, Suite 224, Portland, OR 97221.

Contact Merideth Webber, (503) 292-2348 or