Past Presidents

 Tonya Finley 2023-24
  ACEC Oregon's 68th President

  David Evans and Associates

  Ron Vandehey 2022-23
  ACEC Oregon's 67th President

  Miller Consulting Engineers

Jason Tell 2021-22
ACEC Oregon's 66th President

Burgess & Niple

Larry Fox 2020-21

ACEC Oregon's 65th President


Tony Roos 2019-20
ACEC Oregon's 64th President

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 

Mike Meyer 2018-19
ACEC Oregon's 63rd President

Cornforth Consultants, Inc. 

Mike Reed 2017-18
ACEC Oregon's 62nd President


Karen Tatman 2016-17
ACEC Oregon's 61st President

Quincy Engineering, Inc. 

Jay Lyman 2015-16

ACEC Oregon's 60th President

David Evans and Associates, Inc. 

Marc Butorac 2014-15
ACEC Oregon's 59th President

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. 

Dave Simmons 2013-14
ACEC Oregon's 58th President




Erik Peterson 2012-13
ACEC Oregon's 57th President
ACEC Oregon National Director 2017-present

FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc.
Andy Vessely 2011-12
ACEC Oregon's 56th President
Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Troy Bowers 2010-11
ACEC Oregon's 55th President
ACEC Oregon National Director 2012-17

FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.
  Gayle D. Harley 2009-10
ACEC Oregon's 54th President
OBEC Consulting Engineers
  Gregg Scholz 2008-09
ACEC Oregon's 53rd President
ACEC Oregon National Director, 2009-2012
R & W Engineering, Inc.
  Mel Sears 2007-08
ACEC Oregon's 52nd President
Parametrix, Inc.
  Dwight Hardin 2006-07
ACEC Oregon's 51st President
GRI (Geotechnical Resources, Inc.)
  Ken Wightman 2005-06
ACEC Oregon's 50th President
ACEC National Vice Chair 2009-2011
FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
David Evans and Associates, Inc.
  Cynthia Lowe 2004-05
ACEC Oregon's 49th President
The Oregon council's first woman president.
Parsons Brinckerhoff
  George F. Gross 2003-04
ACEC Oregon's 48th President
Spencer B. Gross, Inc.
  Michael W. Unger 2002-03
ACEC Oregon's 47th President
Power System Engineers, Inc.

Organization's name is officially changed to American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon.
  Donald J. Kliewer 2001-02
CECO's 46th President
David Evans and Associates, Inc.
  Michael N. Schmid 2000-01
CECO's 45th President
KPFF Consulting Engineers
  Arthur W. Johnson 1999-00
CECO's 44th President
KPFF Consulting Engineers
  Stuart H. Albright 1998-99
CECO's 43rd President
AGRA Earth & Environmental / Hart Crowser, Inc.

Past president of OSBEELS (Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering & Land Surveying)
  Jack D. Beemer 1997-98
CECO's 42nd President
David Evans and Associates, Inc.

FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
Served as Chair of the ACEC National Risk Management Committee
  Ermel Quevedo 1996-97
CECO's 41st President
Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
  David D. Driscoll 1995-96
CECO's 40th President
Geotechnical Resources, Inc. (GRI)
  Mark C. Wirfs 1994-95
CECO's 39th President
R & W Engineering, Inc.

Mark is the "W" in R&W Engineering, Inc.
  Raymond T. Miller 1993-94
CECO's 38th President
FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
Former ACEC National Director
Former Member of ACEC National Committee of Fellows
Miller-Gardner, Inc.

Founder, Miller Consulting Engineers
  Michael D. Kennedy 1992-93
CECO's 37th President
  Derek Cornforth 1991-92
CECO's 36th President
Cornforth Consultants, Inc.

Founder, Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
  Carl L. Urben 1990-91
CECO's 35th President
PAE Consulting Engineers
  Patrick B. Kelly 1989-90
CECO's 34th President
Kelly/Strazer Associates (?)
  Frank D. Butchart 1988-89
CECO's 33rd President
  Stephen C. Anderson 1987-88
CECO's 32nd President
FACEC (Fellow, American Council of Engineering Companies)
Past member of ACEC National Executive Committee (2003-05) 
Anderson-Perry & Associates, Inc.
  Harold R. Murray 1986-87
CECO's 31st President
Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.
  Harry C. Reeder 1985-86
CECO's 30th President
R & W Engineering, Inc.

Harry's the "R" in R&W Engineering, Inc.
  Robert A. Wright 1984-85
CECO's 29th President
  Charles L. Youngman 1983-84
CECO's 28th President
Charles L. Youngman Consulting Civil/Structural Engineers
  L. Radley Squier 1982-83
CECO's 27th President
Squier Associates, Inc.

Founder, Squier Associates, Inc.
  William F. Johnson 1981-82
CECO's 26th President
  Chester W. Timmer 1980-81
CECO's 25th President
  Gilbert R. Meigs 1979-80
CECO's 24th President
  Norman Hilton 1978-79
CECO's 23rd President
  Stanley D. Reed 1977-78
CECO's 22nd President
Engineering and Design Associates (?)
  Elden E. Breedlove 1976-77
CECO's 21st President
  Donald J. Zarosinski 1975-76
CECO's 20th President
  Anton Dresden 1974-75
CECO's 19th President
  James A. Crom 1973-74
CECO's 18th President
  Warren W. Clark 1972-73
CECO's 17th President
  Sidney S. Lasswell 1971-72
CECO's 16th President
  Robert E. Meyer 1970-71
CECO's 15th President
  Walter L. Wright 1969-70
CECO's 14th President
  William L. Rice 1968-69
(no photo available)
CECO's 13th President

Old logo from Consulting Engineers Council of Oregon
  Robert M. Bonney 1967-68
CECO's 12th President
Moffatt, Nichol & Bonney, Inc.

One of the namesakes of Moffat, Nichol & Bonney, Inc.
(now TranSystems)
  John R. Downing 1966-67
CECO's 11th President
  James C. Howland 1965-66
CECO's 10th President

Jim Howland is one of the "H"'s in CH2M Hill
  Rowland S. Rosé 1964-65
CECO's 9th President
  Marvin W. Runyan 1963-64
CECO's 8th President
  Robert Welty 1962-63
CECO's 7th President
  Lloyd K. Clark 1961-62
CECO's 6th President

Did you know? ACEC Oregon was originally the Consulting Engineers Council of Oregon.
  Harry Czyzewski 1960-61
CECO's 5th President
Oregon Technical Services Center, Inc.
  Guy H. Taylor 1959-60
CECO's 4th President
  Holly A. Cornell 1958-59
CECO's 3rd President

Holly Cornell is the "C" in CH2M Hill.
  Thomas R. Miles 1957-58
CECO's 2nd President

Nationally appointed to chair a committee to produce a Manual of Practice and Performance.
  J. Donald Kroeker 1956-57
CECO's 1st President

Credited with naming the (national) fledgling organization Consulting Engineers Council.

Did you know? ACEC Oregon was originally the Consulting Engineers Council of Oregon.