American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon

2020 Salary & Benefits Survey (5008)

 2020 Salary & Benefits Survey (5008)
This comprehensive survey exclusively covers consulting engineering firms in Oregon and Washington.

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The American Council of Engineering Companies of Washington and Oregon present the results of our 2020 annual Salary and Benefits Survey. We received responses from a total of 93 firms in Oregon and Washington combining to report on 8,041 employees. Washington accounted for 5,213 positions and Oregon accounted for 2,828 positions.

Data is broken down into three categories:
• 27% - Small firms (less than 25 employees)
• 39% - Medium firms (25-99 employees)
• 34% - Large firms (100+ employees)

The purpose of this report is to help firm leaders, managers, and human resources directors compare historical salaries for their firms to salaries throughout the industry in Washington and Oregon.

The data reported in this survey are intended for educational and informational purposes only and is historical in nature and not intended to predict future results. Data reported is limited to information received from the respondents to the survey and should not necessarily be viewed as representative of the entire field or subject of the survey.