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  • Membership provides two options for health insurance.
  • Your firm must be an ACEC member to join either of these health trusts.

Organized by members of ACEC Oregon and ACEC Washington, the Pacific Northwest Consulting Engineers Health & Welfare Trust (PNCE Trust) has been offering comprehensive benefit plans at competitive prices to member firms since 1959.
Consisting of three Oregon and three Washington PNCE member firm principals, the PNCE Trust's board of trustees meet twice a year to review the plan offerings, evaluate the market for recruitment and competitiveness, ensure the stability of the plan, and make decisions for the future plan year. 

The PNCE Trust offers a full suite of benefit programs that are only available to Oregon and Washington ACEC members including a local service team to help member firms with all their employee benefit needs. Their dedication to servicing member firms, employees and families is a true indication of their passion and is demonstrated through this member firm's testimonial: 

"My experience with PNCE Trust has been full of excellent communication and customer service. They have completely eliminated my fear of having to deal with our insurance carriers directly for onboarding, off-boarding, plan changes, and specific employee questions regarding the plan benefits."
--Mike Merrill - WRK Engineers, Inc. - Vancouver, Washington

Luke Slater
Senior Account Manager
Woodruff Sawyer
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Peter Morris
TailorWell Holdings
PNCE Plan Administrator
(877) 395-4945

Since 1965, the ACEC Life/Health Trust has provided high quality employee benefits and exceptional value to ACEC member firms (1,500 firms and 100,000 members). We have a broad network of providers, plan options, and value-added services as we strive to make engineering the healthiest industry in the United States.

Contact us today for more information on how your firm can join the ACEC Life/Health Trust.

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