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Salary & Benefits Survey

The 2018 ACEC Oregon + Washington 
Salary & Benefits Survey is here! 

This comprehensive survey exclusively covers consulting engineering firms in Oregon and Washington.

Survey results are provided free of charge to ACEC member firms that participate in the survey as a benefit of membership.

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The American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon and Washington present the results of our 2018 annual Salary and Benefits Survey. We received responses from a total of 123 firms in Oregon and Washington combining to report on 7,364 employees. Five firms chose to provide salary data only, while 117 firms provided salary data and completed the online survey. One firm completed the online survey but provided no salary data

The purpose of this report is to help firm leaders, managers, and human resources directors compare historical salaries for their firms to salaries throughout the industry in Washington and Oregon.

Benchmark salary data is included for a range of job families, grouped in eight main categories: Engineers, Scientists & Planners, Professional Land Surveyors, Technicians, Administrative positions, Management, Marketing/Public Relations personnel, and IT Systems positions. Job classifications for Engineers and Scientists & Planners incorporate the standard ASCE performance-based grade descriptions 1 through 8. Marketing/Public Relations positions follow the SMPS job descriptions.
Again, this year the survey collected actual employee pay for each job matched. By collecting data at this level, the accuracy and reliability of the reported statistic are immeasurably enhanced. In addition to the 25th and 75th percentile, the 50th (median) has been added. This further provides perspective on the relationship of the weighted average to the actual data distribution.

A comprehensive Employee Benefits section follows the salary information, and includes data on benefit plans and employment practices offered in Washington and Oregon. Plan costs and cost-saving strategies are also highlighted.
Data is broken down into three categories: 38% reported as small firms (less than 25 employees), 31% as medium firms (25-99 employees), and 31% as large firms (100+ employees). Composite figures for all respondents are shown in each grade for every category. Firms were surveyed as to the number of employees in Washington, Oregon, and World (total worldwide employees including those in Oregon and Washington). 

Your comments regarding the format, contents and methodology of this salary survey and its use are welcomed and encouraged. Send comments to ACEC Oregon, 5319 SW Westgate Drive, Suite 224, Portland, OR 97221, or email your comments to

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